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Mimi Faust Host All White Party Benefiting Men's Health and HIV Awareness

Saturday August, 5, 2017 - Mimi Faust hosted an All White party with Emory Hope Clinic benefiting Men's Health and HIV Awareness. Accompanied by her friend Claudia Jordan, Mimi was able to party hard all while bringing awareness to this disease. In front of her live social media audience and party goers, Mimi also received her negative HIV results, show casing how easy it is to know your status!

To learn more about Emory Hope Clinic and Clinical Research, please contact Machel Hunt at

Pictures by Eliot Jones - Urban Compass TV

About the Emory Hope Clinic

The Hope Clinic is a part of the Emory University Vaccine Center of the School of Medicine.

In recent statistics, the CDC predictions that 1 in 2 Black gay men in America will be diagnosed with HIV by their 40th Birthday if the current trends in HIV rates among black men do not change. Currently the highest rates of new HIV infections are among African American men ages between 18 and 30.

This event was part of the overall effort to try and change those statistics.

It is not an easy task, but at Emory Hope Clinic the scientists and researchers work every day to try to find new ways of protecting us against infections and diseases.

The Hope Clinic Community Engagement and Recruitment Team, led by the amazing Machel and his team have done a phenomenal job at engaging, educating and empowering the community to Get Involved with Clinical Research.

Do your part and see how you can help your community by being a part of the valuable work being done at Emory University Hope Clinic. To learn more about Emory Hope Clinic and Clinical Research, please contact Machel Hunt at

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