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TV Personality Oluremi “Mimi” Faust is a small business owner, interior decorator and devoted mother to Eva Giselle, a daughter she shares with three-time Grammy-Award-winning songwriter, musician, and producer Stevie J. The definition of perseverance and strength, Mimi has overcome more childhood and young adult growing pains than the average person, from abandonment, homelessness and infidelity — and has been brave enough to share even her most adverse moments on national TV. Vowing to induce her own healing, spread positivity and encourage women and men to be their best selves, Mimi shares her powerful story with any open heart that will listen.



Mimi spent her early years immersed in African culture in Atlanta, with her older sister and brother. Soon, her life changed forever. At 8 years old, her mother whisked her away from her home, siblings and normal life, committing them both to the practice of Scientology in California. Her mother signed a billion-year contract that meant a rigid, routine schedule; the rigorous study of the practice; and little family time, but Mimi wanted more. After refusing an ultimatum to join her mother in Scientology, she was torn away from her and left to fend for herself at merely 13 years old.


After realizing she had very little family to depend on, Mimi quickly learned to be self-reliant and enterprising. Seeking out long-time friends, she was able to finish school and even surpass her classmates. She reconnected with her sister and brother, and soon found that they didn't share the same father. That drove her to find her father, Lawrence Faust; an artist from upstate New York, and foster a relationship with him. Through their connection, Mimi learned that she had 8 other brothers and sisters that her dad fathered and that she had inherited artistic tastes and creative influences.



Thanks to developing friends in high places over the years, Mimi began to use her network to do what she loved. With newfound determination and direction, she began cleaning and interior decorator for celebrity homes, which turned into the thriving business known as Keep It Clean. Mimi has also partnered to develop several brands that she is currently conceptualizing. For instance, a decor home line to incorporate with her 12-year estate & commercial cleaning service. Mimi Interiors is a personal endeavor of Mimi’s that she is now ready to share with the world. You can catch her journey and dealings with Interior Decor and Design on her blog “All Things Mimi”.


With a forward moving and business mindset, love found her in various forms — Stevie J being one of them. Their relationship resulted in a healthy baby girl and hit TV show that reaches millions of viewers each episode. You can catch Mimi every Monday at 8/7c on VH1 “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” But this dynamic woman is much more than reality TV. Stay tuned for new entrepreneurial endeavors, a tell-all book and her continued demonstration of exceptional motherhood.


Be sure to follow Mimi on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for daily updates @MimiFaust and also visit


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